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Some inspirations

Almost one week without chronic. To be honest, I don’t think that I will be able to pursue “La Crónica del Lunes” because I do too many things besides the blog. I prefer focus on new articles about Mexico and about my experience as an expatriate/migrant because after all, it’s the core of this blog.

However, I accumulated ideas, inspirations and trends, witnesses of our time, that I would like to share with you today!

This new company proposes a new type of tourism by rethinking the luxury hotel experience. The principle is simple: give to travelers luxury accommodation where hotels cannot be built. Here is what says Peter Mack, founder and CEO of Collective Retreats: “We’re in places where hotels wouldn’t or couldn’t be”. Basically, it means that you can enjoy uncommon destinations without sacrificing luxury.

I think the idea interesting even if it reminds me a bit colonialism, time where rich occidentals were going to oriental countries with all their accommodation. It’s definitely a good option for the ones who have always wanted to be at nature’s heart but don’t like camping.

The limit? The price. You will need to spend between 500 and 700 dollars per night in Yellowstone.

-The article My Paris: Seduced by the Past by Liz Alderman published in the New York Times

I read a lot about the terrible reputation of Paris: “it’s dirty”, “it’s expensive”, “Parisians are not nice”, “they are not welcoming”, “they even don’t speak English”, …But this time, I got the opportunity to read an article really positive about my city. This American journalist described perfectly the Parisian way of living and I simply say thanks for that.

-The article The Danger of Someone Else’s Dream from the blog This Battered Suitcase

This Canadian blogger now established in London and whose article I really appreciate, talks about this huge trend of travel blogging and how somehow it can turn into a “must do”, more than a real desire. A reader wrote to her asking if she had to feel “ashamed” by the fact that she simply doesn’t dream of travelling and has different aspirations. As human beings, we cannot all be put in the same basket. World would be super boring if we were all identical and if we wanted to do all the same way. I liked this article because you can extend it to other types of dream (not only travelling). You may dream of starting your own business when your neighbor will prefer being an employee. You may dream climbing the rungs of the corporate laden when your neighbor will prefer focus on his/her family. One dream is not better than the other one and nobody must feel “ashamed” of having different aspirations.

-The book The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan

I am tuning into un unconditional of this American writer. After Commencement and Maine, in her last novel, J. Courtney Sullivan questions the meaning of marriage. Through different characters along the time, and all linked, she describes how the marriage institution evolved and how the place of the woman changed. She also tells how engagement and diamonds became a symbol and I admire how she documented herself so precisely and how she managed then to integrate this theory and this knowledge into a narration.

It was maybe not the greatest idea to read this type of book at one week of my wedding but it actually comforted me regarding my point of view. Moreover, the author wrote this book after she got engaged. I realized that, such as me, she was originally not really in favor of all what is around the wedding day itself (because we definitely have the tendency to forget the deep meaning of marriage) but she finally followed the movement. Here are some words of J. Courtney Sullivan about her novel:

“One of the first chapters I wrote from Kate’s point of view included the passage: “Everything about weddings made her skin crawl, nothing more so than the brides who wanted to be different somehow — I’m not like other brides!’ all her friends had declared, before promptly acting like every other bride in the history of brides.” I may as well have been writing about myself, because once I got engaged, all my wedding resistance went out the window, although I continued to feel weird about it. It was sort of an out-of-body experience.”

To go futher and learn more, here is a really interesting interview about the author around the novel and the first publicities for diamonds.

I will leave you on those words and just for you to know I am thrilling to go to Yucatan in one week: this means many new articles in perspective…

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