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A Good Start!

The new year has just started and the new year starts well! I just went back from a week-end in the mountains and this is definitely a good experience to reset!

We rent with some friends a cabin totally lost in the nature, located at 20 kilometers from the village of Laguna de Sanchez. Of course, the name is certainly unknown for most of you, but what you need to know is just that it’s totally LOST. You are literally in the nature’s heart and you need a Jeep to go there because the road is almost unpracticable. I promise you an article soon!!!

I am currently planning my trip to France: in exactly 3 days I leave Monterrey to spend 2 weeks and a half in my dear Paris. The program? Exhibitions, culture, French food, French bakery, French wines, “galette des rois” (kings cake), friends, family, wedding preparation,…I will for sure miss my better half (and also my little cat!) but it’s part of being an expatriate (or should I say a migrant?). I live now between two countries, between two continents. It’s sometimes really hard. But it’s also sometimes wonderful. In all cases, this is for sure an amazing life experience.

This year, I spent a second Christmas far from France in a country where customs are totally different. It was great but I also felt a bit sad inside of me. Those share feelings are now part of my new life and I didn’t manage (yet!) to deal with them. This is why this trip to France is so important.

The blog is still a bit slow. I would like it more interactive and I would like to share more with you. So, don’t hesitate to comment and ask anything you want!

Discovered and shared

-The Series The Crown: I definitely loved the first season of this Original of Netflix; I cannot wait for the next season!

-Nokia’s next chapter: this interview of Nokia’s CEO conducted by the Consulting Group McKinsey gives interesting insights on how Nokia managed to recover and gain a new place in the market; I found it interesting because it shows that after all, business is about people, more than textbook.

-The song AFG by Sensible Soccers: heard at the place of a friend around a glass of wine.

-Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes 2017: this is this type of words which lead me to think that there’s still a hope to have for our world’s future.

Here is an article of The New Yorker about it.

-The Movie The Butler: directed by Lee Daniels in 2013, I was extremely touched by the true story of this butler who works for more than 20 years at the White House and who, in a life time, went through the Segregation to Obama’s election.

-3 travelling blogs: article here!

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