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Better to live your life, now

Times is going fast. It’s not a scientific fact because time passes as it passes, in the same way as always. But it’s a question of perception. When the year starts, you think: “I have all a year in front of me.” But then you wake up on a 20th of February and you think: “In 10 days we will already be in March!” Time is my enemy. I want to do so many things, I have so many desires, the desire of travelling especially, that I feel that it’s time to seriously plan things!

Suddenly the term “career” lost its prestige to me. I struggled to get my Master because I wanted to be part of a productive company which generates benefits. But now, I am realizing that it’s not my priority anymore. Why? Because life is short. And especially because I am maybe not made for this. This was my consideration last week: sometimes life takes you on an unexpected way and this is the time to think about what you really want, deeply. I thus realized that I love writing and that I should dedicate more time to my book. I also realized that I like doing research, investigating, analyzing and teaching. In this sense, a Doctorate would be a great thing for me. But then I am facing, again and again, those social imperatives that state that writing or studying a Doctorate are useless activities because it’s not productive. But why should I conform myself to those imperatives if they don’t necessarily suit me? What even does mean “productive”? It’s like being derided because you went to see Fifty Shades Darker on Valentine’s Day. We all know that it’s not the movie of the century. And so what? It’s fun! Why being derided and judged by others for what you chose, what you do, who you are?

I want to live and eat life. I want to travel, to write, to make researches. I know that this is what is good for me to fulfill myself. No matter admitted social imperatives. Better to live your life, NOW.

Discovered and shared

-Thriving in an overconnected world: intervention of Leslie Perlow, Professor of Leadership at the Harvard Business School, about the long-term detrimental effect of mobile technology and the always “on” mentality on organizations. She is also the author of Sleeping With Your Smartphone. In this TED’s video, this ethnographer demonstrates that yes, we can do business differently than always being checking her/his smartphone, and that yes, still today, it is possible to preserve your personal life. The requirement? Work in team around it.

-The movie American History X: released in 1998 by Tony Kaye with as main actor Edward Norton, the movie deals with the violence of the skinhead movement in US. The scenario explores all the ramifications of such excess and tries to go deeper and deeper to understand the roots of so much violence, where does it start, how and why? It’s a smart and difficult movie, hard to handle with the extraordinary play of Edward Norton. Amazing.

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