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Sometimes, life is showing us another path...

I am quietly returning to my Mexican life since I went back from my Parisian trip two weeks ago but my thirst for discovery makes me want to move. I have a furious desire of travelling, of eating the world. Last week-end, my closest friends in Mexico have organized me a trip with them to go to Los Cabos in Baja California. Problem? I finally have been contracted to teach French every Saturday mornings…So no Baja California. I felt so disappointed…But at the same time, I fought so much since I arrived to get a job, that I won’t complain? It’s probably not the most promising position, and it’s absolutely not aligned with a Master in International Business. But I must admit that my last 7 months in Mexico and all the obstacles that I faced to obtain my working permit (and that I am still facing) have made me think a lot. Think about what do I really want in personal and professional life. Which are my priorities? Which are my goals? I haven’t answer to all of these questions yet. But I started to come to the conclusion that maybe (and again on the life path) I will have to readjust some plans.

I started to take dance classes with my better half for our wedding: the fox-trot cannot be improvised and we only have 6 weeks to master it! And I started to enjoy the first rays of the sun. I prepare consciously my French classes that I actually really appreciate to animate: it is nice to speak my own language and transmit my culture to curious and volunteer young adults. I don’t dedicate enough time to my book that I didn’t advance since the beginning of the year and I have to remedy it. And I work on the blog! I will may have the opportunity to collaborate for a website which promotes tourism in Mexico and hidden beauty of the country. I hope this project will work because after all, what makes my heart sing, it’s the travel, the discovery, the writing, and the photo.

In life, there’s always what we plan and there’s also an area of uncertainty. Sometimes things are not going according to our plan and it’s not necessarily a fatality. Sometimes, life is maybe showing us another path…

Discovered and shared

-The Jeongmoon Choi exhibition in the MARCO: a contemporary work about lines and structure from South Korea (as always, not really convinced by contemporary art but this is purely subjective)

-The movie Chronic on a Scandal: a disturbing intrigue where an experimented teacher close to the retirement welcomes the new Art teacher in a college of London and starts to get closer to her; with Cate Banchett and Judi Dench (the character of “M” in James Bond).

-The song L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole: for a perfect fox trot!

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