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One year after: Return to "La Mesa del Oso"

One year ago, I went for a week end to La Mesa del Oso (literally “The Bear’s Table”) which is a place totally lost in the mountains, located after the small village of Laguna de Sanchez.

From Monterrey by car, you need easily 3 hours to reach the destination. The experience was so wonderful that I renewed it one month ago, to start this new year with friends.

Let me make something clear before going further: La Mesa del Oso is for people who love nature and who are looking for a total disconnection. If Google Maps indicates that you can be there in less than 2 hours from Monterrey, it is not true. Laguna de Sanchez is accessible but the cabins of La Mesa del Oso are way way higher (2 200 meters). You definitely need a Jeep (type 4*4) to climb there and it will take you around one hour because the road is really steep. If you don’t have the good car, the cabins propose to come for you at Laguna de Sanchez.

But IT WORTH IT! Landscapes are simply incredible. You suddenly feel so small surrounded by this giant nature. And when you arrive, it is the total silence, only disturbed by the nature noises. The air is pure and you feel alone in the world.

Here is my instruction manual to take advantage at 100% of a week-end at La Mesa del Oso!

1 - Go shopping before!

You won’t find any supermarket there and if the guy who is in charge of the cabins proposes some groceries, it’s really limited. So anticipate, make a list and buy everything the day before. For a successful week-end think burgers, beers and eggs with bacon for Sunday morning!

2 - Book your car in for a service to ensure it is running at top efficiency.

You probably can find someone in Laguna de Sanchez if you have any technical problem but if your cat strops to run in the mountains, game over. You will have to wait that a local passes on your way and it can for sure take a lot of time.

3 - Prepare your backpack carefully.

If you have any particular medication, don’t forget it: no pharmacy there. And remember that cabins are high and that even if you feel that it’s hot, it will be way colder up there. You can make a wood fire because cabins have all a chimney. They are also all equipped with a gas stove. But the isolation is far to be perfect and if you decide to spend a lot of time outside you will need hot clothes: sweater, coat, gloves, bonnet.

4 - Think about the small details.

If nature is highly enjoyable, you will may want to do something else than walking. Think about some table games, card game, music in your phone with Bluetooth speaker, books, magazines, guitar…anything to occupy yourself and relax.

5 - Bring a first aid kit.

You never know what can happen: a bad fall, a mosquito bite,…

6 - Think about some flashlights!

Cabins work with batteries which are charged for hours with solar energy before your arrival. They are thought to perfectly work during all the week-end. However, you need to keep in mind that you cannot connect any apparel because it will consume all the battery. To make it clear, you cannot charge anything else than your phone. My friends had brought an electric heating which consumed everything in few hours and we ended in the dark before the dinner. We only had our phone lights which was not practical and which led us to go to bed really early…

7 - Send your important messages before.

You won’t have cellphone signal up there and certainly not internet. So, if you have important messages to send or calls to pass, think about them before the trip!

8 - Go early on Saturday morning.

It is true especially in winter when the sun goes down early. Otherwise you won’t be able to really enjoy your afternoon there.

9 - Be careful to wild animals.

It can be obvious to mention it but we have sometimes the tendency to forget the danger. As I said it, La Mesa del Oso is totally lost in the mountains which are the natural habitat of wild animals. So if you don’t want to be “la mesa del oso”, forget the idea to walk far from cabins at night.

10 - Go with good vibes!

Ultimately, whether you are with your better half or with a group of friends, go with good vibes! The goal is to enjoy nature, people that you cherish and yourself!

Sometimes, I feel a bit oppressed in Monterrey. The city is not walkable and as a European it’s difficult for me to always be surrounded by cars’ speed. This is why I like so much going to mountains. La Mesa del Oso is the perfect place to disconnect and only be disturbed by nature’s noises. I surely wouldn’t be able to live there because there’s nothing around except nature. No cinema, no stores, no museums,…But this is the ultimate goal of this kind of week-end: disconnection far from city’s agitation. Moreover, who would guess that Mexico can offer this type of landscapes?

And you, are you a nature lover? I wait for your comments, questions, reactions…and don’t forget to share around you: sharing is caring!

[My contribution for Walking Mexico here]

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