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Christmas Road Trip in Central Mexico / 3rd Stop: San Miguel de Allende

After one day in Peña de Bernal, we took the direction of mi querido San Miguel de Allende. It was the first time I was going there and I definitely felt in love with this small city. It is colonial, it is colorful, it is cute, people are nice and you will find many independent stores of everything! Handicraft, jewels, food, delicatessen,…One fact about San Miguel: the creation and the design are omnipresent. I would say that the city holds art and creation for decades.

You have for instance the Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez which is a Fine Art School since 1948 and which belongs to INBA (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes). You also have La Fabrica Aurora, an old textile fabric built in 1902 and which is today an artistic center with numerous art galleries.

Actually, San Miguel de Allende holds something really European: small walkable streets, art, history, architecture, gastronomy,…The limit? Restaurants, hotels and design are quite expensive. Normal, it’s touristic.

To have more information, here is the link of an article about San Miguel where I went back for the week-end of the Mexican Independence last year. I told you that I felt in love with this city!

Next step of the road trip? Guanajuato!

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