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Regaining yourself speaking your native language

Dear readers, it has been a crazy Parisian week.

After having been to the Hergé exhibition, I pursued my hungry of culture with Mexique (1900-1950), an exhibition about Mexican Modern Art. From a pure subjective point of view, I would say that I haven’t been sensitive to those paintings because it’s not a style that I liked: too rough for me. However, I deeply appreciated the fact that the exhibition went above the three main painters (named “The Big Three”): Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Many others painters were presented, artists who were ousted by the others and who deserve to be known.

I also liked that the exhibition was also integrating the cinema with extracts of Mexican movies. I learnt a lot. I didn’t know for instance that Diego Rivera and other Mexican artists studied Fine Arts in Paris to develop afterwards their own style.

And if there were only few paintings of her, it was gift to see Frida Kahlo’s art. To the contrary of her companions, her paintings are less rough, thinner, and I like the symbolism that she puts in them. The plus? I shared this exhibition with my lovely sister.

When I think about it, I actually shared magical moments with my sister, especially for the organization of my coming wedding in Paris. Dress, rings, degustation, menu, drinks, logistic,…she is the best witness ever! And no link but she even cooked a Wellington beef (beef in puff pastry): delicious!

I also had an amazing gift from my mother: a French Christmas Eve. Well okay, it’s a bit late to make a Christmas Eve. But I don’t care because it was so important to regain my traditions. Lobster tails, “fois gras”, stuffed turkey, champagne, wines,…I should definitely write an article about French Christmas gastronomy! I had the nice surprise to receive the Hachette Wines Guide 2017 as a gift: a plus for my entrepreneurship project!

A week with family and a week with friends. I went for the WE in the little city of Chartres (known for its gothic cathedral). We ate a “raclette” (French dish with deli meats, potatoes, and processed cheese), played table games and drank wine! Amazing time.

I have the impression to live everything with more intensity but I at last understood that it’s because I speak French. I realized that I am more myself when I speak my native language and that we actually lose a bit of ourselves when we speak a foreign language. We lose our sense of humor, we lose our laugh, we lose our spontaneity.

Regarding politics, France is going through the elections of his socialist candidate when Donald Trump just arrived at the White House. In one sentence, I would say that France and its stupidity makes me tired and that I am horrified by what is happening in US.

In the meanwhile, I received a phone call for a French Teacher position with immediate job entry. It seems ironic that it happens when I am in France…and after all what I went through since I arrived in Mexico…But things are as they are, I cannot change them and I cannot control everything. As Jimmy Dean said it: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”. For the moment, I still have many things to do for my second and last freezing week in Paris. I will have a lot of time in Mexico…

Discovered and shared

-The movie The Life of David Gale with Kate Winslet and Kevin Spacey: in Texas, where the death penalty is legal, a teacher is accused of the rapt and the murder of a woman and will be executed in 3 days. Everything accuses him but sometimes appearances are deceptive. A journalist has 3 days to make her investigation before he was killed.

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