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Christmas Road Trip in Central Mexico / 2nd Stop: Peña de Bernal

As I was staying in Querétaro, I spent one day in Peña de Bernal, a pueblo magico located at 59 kilometers from Querétaro.

Technically, Peña de Bernal is the name of the monolith which overhangs the village of Bernal, but everybody in Mexico uses the name “Peña de Bernal” to designate the place in general.

It can seem not extraordinary at the first glance but the monolith, 288 meters high, is the third biggest in the world after Peñón de Gibraltar in the Mediterranean Sea and Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro. If you are an avid mountain climber you will for sure enjoy it!

What about the village? It’s simply gorgeous. The colonial architecture, the colorful houses and the cobblestone streets are full of charm. Enter in a panadería and buy a “gordita de nata”, a little bread made from condensed milk and vanilla. Or go to taste a cactus ice cream!

Owing to time constraints I didn’t go there but I also recommend Tequisquiapan at equal distance from Querétaro and which is also a pueblo magico. The place is really small but known for her thermal waters and her balloon flights.

Next step? ¡Mi querido San Miguel de Allende!

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