Habita: the nicest terrace of Monterrey.

September 11, 2016


Monterrey started to see the birth of the rooftops trend as it is the case in most of European cities. The influence comes directly from the US and this is super cool! Let’s think about it: having a nice drink at the end of the day, in a place surrounded by a killer landscape.


I went for the first time to Habita one year ago and this is a place that I simply love. The bar is actually the one from the eponym hotel which is located in a really nice plaza. When you arrive, enter in the lobby and simply say that you are going to the pool bar. Then, take the elevator up to the last floor and…enjoy the two pools at each side, your drink and the 360° view.


The architecture is resolutely minimalist and design and I especially like the low music. It can seem insignificant but it’s actually the problem of numerous places in Monterrey: the music (lounge the most part of the time) is simply too loud and we cannot hear our interlocutors.


Cocktails are sweet. If I have learnt one thing about Mexico is that Mexicans love sugar and sweet tastes. And it's not that easy to find natural products. It took me a while to get some yogurts without sugar. It's part of Mexico. Personnally I prefer having a cup of wine (from Casa Madero, a vineyard located at 3 hours from Monterrey). Habita is actually a place where you pay a view, where you pay a vibe, where you pay an art of living.


I remember that the night before I leave Monterrey in February I went there to keep this view in my mind, to keep those mountains all around, to remind me how Monterrey can be fascinating.

During the day, while I was doing my suitcase, I didn’t manage to reach some friends to tell them good bye. We actually were all leaving Mexico for our second semester but we were going to different places. For instance J. was going to London when F. and I were going to Paris. And finally, such a nice random, we all met in Habita at the best moment to go: the sunset.


Ultimately, Habita is probably the nicest terrace of Monterrey. I will see you there at sunset!



Vasconcelos No.150 Ote,
San Pedro Garza García, 66220

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