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Need for Green: let's go to the Taller Veganico!

When I think about Monterrey I first see two things: car and meat. What do we do if we don’t want cars anymore? We go to the mountains all around the city. What do we do if we don’t want to eat meat anymore? We go to Taller Veganico.

Taller Veganico opened in 2013 and embodies the new trend towards eating healthier and more natural. And yes, even if the city is recognized for its consumption of meat, Monterrey doesn’t make exception to the “green” trend. And hopefully, because this is a real breath of fresh air for me.

Everything on the menu is vegetarian and proves that without any animal proteins we can eat amazingly. Contrary to common beliefs, eating vegetarian is not tasteless. Here are few examples of what you can find in the menu:

  • Tostadas Arabes with avocado, hummus and tabbouleh

  • Tostadas de betabel with beet, spinach and sunflower seed

  • Tacos of mushrooms, peanuts and red peppers

  • Tamales (in banana leaf) of beans, mushrooms and spinach

  • Hamburger of integral bread with asparagus, falafel, oat and beans

And you also have a wide choice of salads, soups and fresh desserts. In the corner of the room different sauces are available to season your plate.

The original restaurant is located in the area of Tampiquito in San Pedro and a new one just opened in the Barrio Antiguo in the city center of Monterrey. I tasted both and if I really liked the place of the first one, the service was definitely too long. So long that after having waited 30 minutes my “arroz con leche” I simply canceled it. On the contrary, the service in the Barrio Antiguo was pretty fast.

Which is original in San Pedro is the location: the restaurant is at the entry of a hangar where you also find a car repair shop, a TRX space to train and the new bakery/workshop Banel. The new one which recently opened is in the backyard of a traditional house which has been divided into different spaces: bar and small stores. The place has a hipster side that at a certain point reminds me some Parisian areas.

And the price? 300 pesos for 2 (14,50€) with 2 “aguas del dia” (fresh water delicately perfumed) and 2 main dishes. And…it worth it!

With its relaxing atmosphere,

Taller Veganico is becoming my new canteen! See you there!

San Pedro: Plutarco Elías Calles 420, Tampiquito, 66240 San Pedro Garza García, N.L (81 8336 7809) / Closed on Sunday

Monterrey Barrio Antiguo: José María Morelos y Pavón Ote. #939 Centro , 64 018 Monterrey, N.L. (81 8340 5265) / Closed on Tuesday

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