Sunday morning: Frida Chilaquiles!

August 3, 2016


It’s Sunday morning, after a night out (or not!). You are starving, your fridge is empty and you suddenly have a furious desire of Mexican food. In Monterrey, think Frida Chilaquiles! Pero qué es eso???


The chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish, composed of corn tortillas cut in pieces and lightly fried (understand here that it’s deliciously “crispy”), and covered with green or red salsa (sometimes mole). Ok, so chilaquiles are basic tortillas with salsa? Not only! This is the base. Then you can garnish your plate with plenty of ingredients: chicken, pork, cream, cheese,…And you can accompany your dish with frijoles (beans), slices of avocado and even fried eggs! Variations are infinite. So, in reality, chilaquiles are so diversified that it’s the perfect match for a complete breakfast on Saturday morning.



But why going to Frida?


1 - Because Frida has a history.

2 - Because Frida is the guaranty of the quality.

3 - And because Frida is also a nice and informal outdoor place which gives you the feeling of an authentic Mexican experience.


How did Frida start? With a camioncito, so literally a truck, in the Avenida Frida Kahlo in 2013. They moved the truck few times until the final election of a small wood cabin in the heart of Centrito. Still today, they kept the truck which is actually the kitchen.


The food is simple and extremely good. And your dish is ready pretty fast: the advantage is that the base is always the same. You only have to choose your ingredients and your salsa. This is exactly how it works:

  • Chose your type of totopo (pieces of tortilla): in the oven or fried.

  • Then chose your size: small or large.

  • Chose your ingredients (and extras if you want, like a fried egg)

  • And at last your salsa! (it goes from the “no spicy at all” to the “fire in your mouth”!)

Don’t be surprised if a waiter comes to your table at the end of the service with a tablet: this is to ask you to fill a qualitative survey. Frida has the concern of the quality!


Finally, the place: “Ici pas de chichis” as we say in French. In other words: “Come as you are”. The place is outside, composed of plastic tables and plastic chairs (that remind me the old garden of my grand-mother), and everything is really simple. San Pedro is full of posh restaurants (which by the way can be really good), but it’s nice to still be able to find informal places.





And the price? Prices have increased with time, due to the success of the place, but it is not expensive. Count 350 MXN (the equivalent of 16,50€) for 2 persons (chilaquiles+drink).


The fact is that today Frida is growing. It works so well and the popularity is so high that they opened another restaurant in Monterrey (in Paseo Tec) and they currently plan to open a third one.

But this new place doesn’t have the vibes and the taste of the original one!


Nos vemos en Calle Río de la Plata Oriente 268 (enfrente del Parque Mississippi), Col. Del Valle en San Pedro!




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